True Values

30 December 2016

Whatever we do, we always have an option to choose a path which can get us the true value of that thing which we are doing (Technical life – Professional Life – General Life). In today’s era we may have degree but we lack practical knowledge or we may have friends but we lack real friends or have very few genuine friends or we may have a great life status or way of life but we may lack thinking or we may have feelings for our nation but first we think about ourselves instead of “Nation is first thinking” or we may have relations but they may be very weak depending upon our wealth status or we may want to become a good human being but before helping a genuine person who is in need we think a lot or we may not even help or we may want to spread education but first we try to get worth of what we are sharing instead of thinking how it can help our nation or those persons or society or we may look for happiness within ourselves but we may want to confirm by comparing  with what others have or we may want to have a purpose driven life but money may control our decisions or we may have a self believe but risk factor may not allow us to enjoy our life as we wanted or we may expect to become something but we might not be ready to make unlimited efforts for that. We can really have real values of these things once we can decide our own values with which we can never compromise and that will lead us to get the “TRUE VALUES” of life which can really help us to build a society – state – nation where we can have thinking like “Nation is First”, “Knowledge is First”, “Purpose is First”, “Self – Believe driven life”, “Efforts driven life”, Education is universal”, “Happiness is within”, “Relations stay not money”, “Friends are unique”, “Thinking Driven life”.


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