Conversation with Shreya who learned Spoken English in 90 minutes

06 May 2017

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Q – Before coming to Apna Academy, What did you use to think about English ?

A – I used to think that it is tough language, we cant speak it without having 6 months classes.

Q – And now what do you think ?

A – I am glad that I came apna academy and realized that it is very easy to speak English.

Q – Did you ever think that you will learn English in 90 minutes ?

A – Never, I never though it would be so easy.

Q – How was your overall experience with apna academy ?

A – It was great. I would like to suggest everyone to join apna academy classes for spoken English. I could save my huge time and cost here. I got great confidence and the concepts were very innovative and easy. I would ask my all friends to join apna academy because i want them to speak good English.




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